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13 Family Traditions to Start this Fall

fall family traditions ideas

This time of year is all about pumpkins, apples, and leaves, in my opinion! There are plenty of fall family traditions you can start now that will have you smiling for years to come:

fall pumpkins

  1. Pick pumpkins at the patch
    • – THE Quintessential fall activity! It’s tempting to just pick up a few pumpkins at the grocery store but I can assure you that the effort you make to get out to the pumpkin patch is well worth it! Your little one will LOVE picking out their very own pumpkin. Paint and/or carve that pumpkin when you get home!
    • – We like to go to the same pumpkin patch every year. It’s fun to see the change in which pumpkin they pick and how they choose it!

fall bucket list2) Go apple picking

  • – This is a quick but fun fall activity that keeps giving! Your kiddos will not only get to pick their own apples, they will have so many to eat once they get home for days (or weeks)!

apple picking3) Have a bonfire/cook s’mores with family

  • – Because who doesn’t love the smell of a bonfire and roasting/eating s’mores?

fall bonfire

4) Attend a fall festival

  • – The rides, food, games, atmosphere… all set up a sense of nostalgia every year you return! Living in Ohio, the Circleville Pumpkin Show is the festival our family gets excited for every year! There’s no better time to eat pumpkin donuts 🙂fall traditions5) Bake pumpkin treats together
  • – A super inexpensive tradition to start. They don’t have to be anything fancy! Just pick up a batch of the pre-made cookie or muffin mix at the grocery & bake on a chilly day! If you’re feeling extra ambitious, you could bake a pumpkin pie 🙂

fall traditions

6) Make some cozy slow cooker recipes.

  • – Involve your kids in the process – just have them help you dump in the ingredients if you’d like! You know they’ll be way more apt to eat what you made this way, too. apple butter

7) Take family pictures

  • – Cozy up together in your sweaters, cords, & booties. You can use the pictures for your holiday cards, too!

fall family style

8 ) Decorate your house together!

  • – Definitely with mums & pumpkins, because they’re pretty & your kids will think so too. You could have them help you arrange them (and then you can arrange them back the way you want ;))


9 ) Buy festive pajamas, clothes, and/or Halloween costumes together

  • – Kids in seasonal pajamas is just the cutest thing! I love to shop at places like Cecil & Lou and Eliza James Kids for sweet, personalized ones.
  • – Whether you order it online or go shopping together, pick an annual day that you’re kids pick out what they’re going to be for Halloween!

fall pajamas

19) Read a lot of fall books!

  • – There are so many quality books about apples, pumpkin, and leaves! Some of our current favorites are this one and thisone.

kids books

11) Take a day trip

  • – It’s so fun to get out in the fresh air before winter rolls in. Visit your old college town, find a new farmer’s market, or visit that place you’ve always wanted to go to.
  • – We personally love to visit Athens and Hocking Hills!athens ohio

12) Have a fall picnic. Kids love picnics! Minimal clean up for you, too!

  • Head to a park or just stay in your own backyard!

fall picnic

13) Hike during peak weekend

  • – Last, but definitely not least, visit a state park, put away your phone, and enjoy being in nature, surrounded by color!

fall color

What are some of your favorite fall family traditions?

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