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JULY + AUGUST: Life Lately

LIFE LATELY july augustJULY/AUGUST: I realize it’s not quite the end of the month yet but I also noticed I forgot to post about July, because, well, #life, so here we are! I’m not sure if it’s because back-to-school time is approaching, there are so many celebrations, we finally learn how to relax, or what it is, but the end of summer always tends to fly by! I know I’m not the only one that feels this way 🙂 I went back to work a couple of weeks ago and I have to say, this “maternity leave” was SO MUCH BETTER than my time with Ava in terms of postpartum emotions/hormones/stress/anxiety. I felt more at ease with the transition from 1 to 2 kids vs. 0 to 1, plus, my wonderful husband has been absolutely amazing with the girls. While I could always wish for more time, I feel blessed to have had 4 months with sweet Ellie! Plus, I actually truly enjoy my job and the people I work with. It’s definitely been nice to get back into the swing of things.

Listening to: “Get Along” by Kenny Chesney was on major repeat last month! This month, it’s been all about Body by Loud Luxury & In My Feelings by Drake,

Reading: Finished Turtles All the Way Down in just a few days. Currently starting The Blue Zones Solution.

Published: Tips for knowing whether to take your child to the ER or Urgent Care, Where to Brunch: High Bank Distillery, and Nordstrom Anniversary Sale coverage here, here, and here. Also, my by far favorite post of the summer: How to Host an Incredible Ice Cream Party.

Shopping for: Back-to-school shopping! Both of the girls have grown quite a bit this summer, so I’ll definitely need new fall clothes for Ava & Ellie! I am already looking to invest in a cozy, classic sweater that I’ll wear for years to come. All of these are gorgeous! p.s. Do you do a capsule wardrobe? Bc I definitely am going to. Simplifying my closet will bring me an immense amount of calm and happiness, I know it!

Watching: Daniel Tiger! LOL. No adult shows right now!

Loving: That we are upon my FAVORITE TIME of the year!!! August, September, and October are THE BEST in Ohio!!!

Working on: Being back to work while juggling life as a family of 4! Definitely a new routine, once again! Any tips? I’ll take ’em!

… and here’s an Instagram round-up of the last two months:

bob evans breakfast^^ Nothing like a trip to Bob Evans! I will always love their breakfast, especially their coffee, sausage gravy, and pancakes! Wearing this shirt in “neon azalea.”

first family selfie^^ First family selfie!

nordstrom sale^^ Shopped Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale like I do every year. Pink cardigan – back in stock (shop more pink cardigans HERE) // Madewell jeans (shop more Madewell HERE) // Pink booties (shop more suede booties HERE).

sisters^^ SISTER LOVE. Ava’s “Big Sister” shirt HERE.

solly baby wrap^^ The Solly Baby Wrap my sis-in-law let me borrow from her has been such a blessing! I definitely recommend this wrap for little babies! Ellie still comfortably fits in hers, soothes her, and allows me to hang out with big sis and the family in the evenings. It’s great for when you’re out and about too and don’t want to worry about a stroller. We have another carrier (Ergo) that we used with Ava and that one tended to hurt my back when she was younger plus it wasn’t as cuddly. I think we’ll still use that one when Ellie gets bigger but for now, the Solly is where it’s at!!!

ice cream party^^ SO much fun working with Tillamook to create my blog post, How to Host an Incredible Ice Cream Party.

^^ Well, Ellie has just become the most pleasant little babe these past couple of months! We are officially out of the newborn fussies and it’s amazing! She’s always been an easy baby but now she’s just a dream!!! Now if only we could get to sleep through the night… 🙂

^^ Back-to-school shopping at Easton! My fave! I’ve been on a serious Madewell kick lately – anyone else? Madewell tee – comes in 8 colors (shop more pink tees here) // Madewell shorts (shop more Madewell HERE)

^^ Ava is ALWAYS wanting bites of MY treats!!! 🙂 This of course was from Jeni’s!

^^ Again, Madewell LOVE!!! I will live in this outfit this fall! Black jeans (beyond soft!!!) // tan top (shop more Madewell HERE).

^^ Mommy & me outfits. I may have a love for knits, denim, and pink shoes!!! 🙂

^^ Explored downtown Chillicothe a bit and am SUPER impressed! Y’all need to visit! Wearing Madewell tee // Madewell jeans (shop more Madewell denim here).

^^ How adorable are these swimsuits from Cecil & Lou? I’m obviously obsessed. They’re one of my favorite shops for the girls!

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