5 Ways to Make Toddler Bathtime Fun

This post is kindly sponsored by Ivory Soap. All thoughts & opinions are my own.

Our 2 year-old takes a bath every night before bed. To avoid resistance and tears, Nic and I have had to get creative to make bathtime as fun as possible! It’s unbelievable how quickly and pleasantly Ava can go to the bath if we let her know what we have planned for her! Here are some of our tips and tricks:1.) Make bath time part of your routine. If you can, make bath time part of your routine before it even starts! Ava knows that she gets to watch a little TV before bath and once the TV goes off, it’s time for bath! 99% of the time, this goes as planned! We know, kids, especially toddlers, LOVE routines and Ava knows she has to get a bath before bed.2.) Use quality, fun bath products! I’m a fan of Ivory Soap, a brand that has been around for 138 years (Ivory actually made the first soap that was 99.44% pure)! Actually, my parents both used Ivory when they were little and with my brother and I. My mom loved how gentle the soap was for kids –  and the fact that the bar floated in the tub too. 🙂 Made with essential oils, Ivory’s new Free & Gentle Body Washes smell divine and are free of parabens, dyes, harsh cleansers, and excessive fragrance! I appreciate that our entire family can use these gentle but super nourishing body washes. Bonus: We have three scents and toddlers adore feeling like they are in charge with making choices! We let her choose which one she wants us to use! Also, Nic and I are fans of using bath bombs and a lot of bubbles to create a fun, spa-like experience for Ava! Of course, she also enjoys choosing her bath bombs too!3.) Get creative with toys! Instead of typical bath toys, think outside the box and try things like playing hide and seek with glow sticks, blowing bubbles, washing your baby doll, etc.! These are just some of Ava’s favorites but the options are endless! As long as the toys are waterproof, bring them in! Also, we are big fans of rotating toys, both in and out of the bath, so the novelty never wears off!4.) Make bath time art time. I like to think of this as its own category because art is so important for kids and let’s be honest, we’re not always crazy about the mess it makes in our house! Enter: Art in the Bathtub! Such a genius idea because it washes off of our child easily, we don’t have to immediately clean it, and it’s contained to the tub! Ava’s faves include fingerpaints, bathtub crayons, and bath drops to turn her water different colors.5.) Sing! Bath time is one of the BEST times to connect with Ava because she is contained and focused 🙂 We love to sing songs and use our phones to play her favorite music like “Farmer in the Dell” and the “ABC’s.”

These are just a few ideas for how we make bath time more fun for our toddler! I would love to hear any more ideas you have!

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