What to Wear for Your Maternity Photos / girl about columbus

What to Wear for Your Maternity Photos

What to Wear for Your Maternity Photos / girl about columbus
Eeek, I’m so excited! For today’s post, I’ve collaborated with Ashley Wilburn, the talented photographer behind Sweetbriar Studios, a Southern Ohio-based photography studio, to bring you some helpful info when it comes to deciding what to wear for your maternity photos!
Ashley photographs everything from newborns to maternity to weddings to seniors and I really value her opinion when it comes to choosing the right look for your maternity session! Here are some of her general, getting-started tips:
  • – Always start with the mother-to-be when selecting clothing.
  • – Start your search with solid-colored gowns and dresses.
  • – When deciding on a color to wear, think about your favorite colors that compliment your skin tone and your hair color.

maternity family photos

  • – Always consider the location of your shoot.
  • – What you wear creates contrast in images that will draw attention to the subjects of the photograph.  In Amanda’s photos, her soft mauve colored dress was the perfect amount of contrast against the white barn and complimented her skin tone very nicely.
  • – If you will be surrounded by green foliage, avoid the color green in your wardrobe.  Muted shades of pink, blue, or gray would be more suitable.

what to wear for your maternity photos

  • – Avoid any colors that have a “neon” or glowing tone to them.  These colors act as a reflector to the sun and can cause a color cast on your skin that can be difficult to remove.
  • – In addition to color, consider the neckline of the dress and how tightly you want the dress to fit around your hips.  Dresses that flare at the feet will bring attention to the hip area.  Off the shoulder dresses are very flattering and draw attention to the belly.
  • – Ashley recommends minimal jewelry!  Earrings and rings are enough.  Necklaces – especially long ones can be distracting to the dress.


  • – Maternity gowns can range from the $20 range on Amazon and Zulilly to $280 range for high quality gowns.
  • – Ashley has had excellent results with this gown and this one from Amazon.
  • – If you want to dress it up a little, a gown with a lace texture is also a nice option like this one.

what to wear for your maternity photos // girl about columbus

  • – In the middle price range, Ashley really likes and often recommends PinkBlush Maternity.  They have many great finds in the $30 to $95 price range and have a section just for maternity gowns.
  • – On the higher end, Ashley is very impressed with Sew Trendy Accessories.  Any gown from this handmade-only designer would be an excellent choice.  She shared she has yet to see a design from them that she hasn’t been 100% satisfied with.

what to wear for your maternity photosMY PICKS FOR MATERNITY GOWNS:

I think you definitely want to go with a maxi/floor-length maternity gown! They look so timeless and elegant in photos – plus, they accent your bump so well! You can’t go wrong with solid colors and don’t be afraid to get a lil’ fancy!

In terms of where to shop, I’m a huge fan of ASOS Maternity, especially their dresses!

I also love Nordstrom & Shopbop for classic maternity dresses!

Hands down, my fave brand of maternity dresses is Rachel Pally. The material is a dream as are the colors and styles. This is the one (color is Rosewood) I’m wearing in my photos in this post. I also love these:

what to wear for your maternity photos // girl about columbusTIPS FOR OUTFITTING DAD:

  • – Once you decide on a solid color for Mom, choose a coordinating shirt for Dad.
  • – Subtle plaids or printed dress shirts are great options.  I have seen some mens paisley and polkadot patters that are very subtle and coordinate nicely with mom’s gown.
  • – You can never go wrong with a solid white oxford or Chambray shirt for dad.
  • – For pants, nice denim or khaki is preferred.
  • – Always tuck in the dress shirt and wear a belt that matches the shoes.
  • – Ashley loves Land’s End mens’ oxfords for great quality.  A more affordable option is the Stafford brand carried at JCPenney.
  • – For footwear, avoid tennis shoes and anything with characters or branding.  Leather shoes in black or brown natural tones are preferred.

what to wear for your maternity photos // girl about columbusTIPS FOR OUTFITTING KIDS:

  • – If you have children and plan to include them in your session, it is important to choose clothing for them that is in the same color scheme as mom and dad’s choices.
  • – For boys, a solid colored dress shirt or subtle plaid like dad’s is perfect.  If they are not comfortable in that, a solid polo is also a great choice.
  • – Be cautious and avoid logos and writing if at all possible!

what to wear for your maternity photos // girl about columbus

  • – Their pants should be khaki or denim like dad’s, or if dad wears khaki, the boys can wear denim.
  • – If they wear a dress shirt, a bow tie is a great accessory!
  • – For little girls, a soft floral printed dress or a tunic with solid colored leggings is a great option.
  • – If you choose to use accessories in their hair, make sure that they are solid colored.
  • – Tunics or dresses with lace accents also compliment Mom’s dress nicely.

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Photos by Sweetbriar Studios.

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