my postpartum skincare routine

My Postpartum Skincare Routine + Products

my postpartum skincare routineI think that most women would agree – pregnancy hormones leave you glowing and then once you deliver, that glow is transformed into erratic, hormonally-charged skin, either leaving you super dry or super oily or somewhere in between. I personally am on the dry side postpartum! Coupled with minimal sleep, this obviously has left my skin longing for some major TLC. The following are the products are giving my skin LIFE again:

  • PIXI GLOW TONIC: LOVE. This toner has a cult-following for a reason! I use it after I wash my face to be sure all my makeup is off and to give it a little glow! I also use this in the morning to take off my remaining eye makeup that I never can seem to get off the night before! LOL!
  • BATH & BODY WORKS LOTION: I avoided all so many non-natural products while pregnant but my arms/legs/stomach need extra hydration right now and I have always loved how Bath & Body’s lotions smell and feel!
  • DERMA-E HYDRATING CLEANSER: I’ve used this cleanser for awhile and still am using it because it is extra hydrating!
  • DERMA-E HYDRATING NIGHT CREAM: I apply this cream right before bed after all of my skincare! This cream is extra hydrating, rich, and thick but it has never made me break out! Which, with thick creams like this one, is rare!
  • DR. DENNIS GROSS GLOW PADS FOR FACE: To add a bit of glow and color without the sun! These pads are AWESOME. I’ve used them for quite some time and am always so happy with the result. As with any self-tanner, be sure you exfoliate well before applying these. They last for a few days and these ones are specifically for your face/neck.
  • COOLA SUNSCREEN FACE MOISTURIZER: I’m a bit obsessed with this SPF 50 moisturizer. I apply it first thing in the morning. It spreads so well. I have to do a much better job of applying SPF this summer and year-round. May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month and as someone that was diagnosed with Melanoma Stage 0 last Fall, it’s SO important for me to wear sunscreen daily.
  • COOLA LIP SUNSCREEN: This SPF 30 lip balm is going to be a go-to for me this summer.
  • BARE MINERALS AGELESS GENIUS EYE CREAM: Best eye cream that I’ve been using for awhile now!!!
  • BARE MINERALS AGELESS GENIUS NECK CREAM: I also love how Bare Minerals formulated a specific product for your neck! This cream is so luxurious!

postpartum skincare routineSo basically, to take you through my nighttime skincare routine, step-by-step, I wash my face with this cleanser, then if I’m going to use self-tanner (which I only use once or twice a week), then I gently exfoliate and follow up with this facial self-tanner towel. If I don’t use self-tanner, then I use this glow tonic followed with this eye cream and this neck cream. Then, I use this night cream on the rest of my face.In the morning, I freshen up my skin/remove any makeup with this toner and then use this sunscreen and lip balm before applying my makeup!

While I prefer to keep things simple, I love reading & learning about and trying awesome skincare products! Has anything in particular worked for you? I’d love to hear!

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