third trimester bumpdate

Third Trimester Bumpdate

Just like I did during my second trimester and when I was pregnant with Ava Mae, I wanted to pop in to give you all a bumpdate on how the third trimester is going! At times, it’s felt like this pregnancy has gone so quickly and other times, it feels like I’ve been pregnant forever!third trimester bumpdateHow many weeks? 36 Weeks! I was measuring 2 weeks behind schedule for a few weeks but we recently found out those checks are not always accurate… keep reading! 🙂

Total weight gain: I’ve gained about 25-30 lbs. this time around! We had an ultrasound and found that baby girl is already 6 1/2 pounds… sooo, we’ll see how much longer she wants to stay cozy! I can tell you I don’t plan for her to stay until mid-April unless I want a 10-lb’er! My babies like to hide until we can really measure them on ultrasound. Ava was the same way – measuring small at 38 weeks and then ultrasound revealed she was already 7.5 lbs, which was SO accurate. She was born 4 days later at 8 lbs 1 oz.

Sleep: Waking up A LOT more often than before – at least once or twice a night for a trip to the bathroom! I also keep finding myself waking up on my back although I’m using my pregnancy pillow. I’m SO stiff when I do this!third trimester bumpdateGeneral Health: My third trimester has been the best for me this pregnancy! I finally don’t have nausea and I’m not catching EVERY illness there is out there! Thank goodness. I do have lower back pain sometimes and leg pain too if I don’t rest.

Best Moment Thus Far: Being shocked to find out she’s a girl! I could’ve sworn she was a boy! 🙂 Hearing Ava talk about her baby sister and baby sister’s room. It’s precious.

Least Favorite Moment Thus Far: Getting sick so much those first two trimesters. As in, actually sick. I also had nausea every night around 8PM until about 20 weeks.Movement: Baby girl is settled into a head down position and has been for weeks! I feel her hands and her feet a lot and she has hiccups sometimes although I don’t think she has them as much as Ava did.

Mood: I’ve had mood swings around the changing of the trimesters. I’m not sure if that’s normal but it seems like that’s how it’s went this time. Lately… I’ve had a burst of energy – nesting, maybe?! I’m starting to get sooo excited about her arrival!

I’ve Learned: Being pregnant with a toddler is way harder than being pregnant the first time! I had to make rest a priority this time or else it never would’ve happened.third trimesterFood/Diet/Cravings: I had Gestational Diabetes this time around again although my sugars haven’t been as high as they were with Ava. I’ve been waaay worse though about taking my sugar and even though my doctor gave me clearance to stop taking them, I still have to avoid sweets and carbs or else I know they’ll be high! Which is so hard when you’re tired and craving a huge chocolate Oreo milkshake! 🙂

Biggest Fear: Labor pains. Being at work when/if my water breaks. I really just care that she gets here safely and it would be nice to be kept safe as well 🙂 Ignorance was bliss the first time around! Also, I hope breastfeeding isn’t nearly as painful this time around.

Advice: Um, find a good prenatal yoga channel on YouTube for when you are starting to feel aches and pains or just feel like you need a good stretch. Do as much as you can early, as in the second/early third trimester in terms of decorating the room and doing shopping. Even my weekly Target trips have been work lately!third trimester bumpStill on the To-Do List: Packing my hospital bag. Getting the car seat in the car. Cleaning our Rock n Play/bassinet/etc.

Looking forward to: Going into labor. That magical moment of when I get to meet her. I remember time standing still in those hours after having Ava. Savoring all of the baby snuggles!!! Just holding her! Watching Ava become a big sis!

Will miss: Feeling her little kicks/punches/stretches. But I am SO READY to meet her!


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  • Wishing you luck! My daughter-in-law is expecting her first on April 9th, and is experiencing much of what you have expressed in your blog! Good luck!

  • You look gorgeous! Savannah was a perfect 8 lb. 1 oz as well! 🙂 Keeping you in my thoughts as you begin life with two! It’s both challenging and oh-so-sweet at the same time!


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