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10 Tips on How to Style Your Nursery Safely

This is a sponsored post by Nationwide. All opinions are my own.How to Style Your Nursery Safely // girl about columbus

Having just hit my last trimester a couple of weeks ago, I realized I need to get to work on baby girl’s nursery! As I learned with decorating Ava’s nursery, the space needs to be both cute AND safe!how to safely style your nursery // girl about columbusDid you know in 2015, emergency rooms treated over 65,000 young children for nursery-related injuries (CDC)? That’s so sad and can be prevented!

nursery decor for girls // girl about columbusInternet searches for “nursery decor” peak through March and I’ve partnered with Nationwide’s Make Safe Happen program to bring you some ideas on how to safely style your nursery in this post, including crib safety/safe sleep, window safety, how to prevent furniture tip overs and avoid common strangulation risks.

First up, let’s talk about the crib!

1. Keep toys and stuffed animals out of the crib. Don’t put anything in the crib that could block their nose and mouth or get wrapped around their necks like blankets, pillows and quilts. There will come a day when your little one is able to take these to bed with her/him safely. Don’t rush that to safely style your nursery // girl about columbus2. Do not install bumpers, whether padded, mesh or breathable. They’re pretty, yes, but their risk is definitely not worth it! We bought Ava a mesh bumper, thinking it was a safer option and we NEVER put it on her crib, thank goodness!how to safely style your nursery // girl about columbus3. Décor and accessories with cords or strings, such as hanging mobiles, name banners and baby monitors should not be in or near a crib. Our baby monitor and cord is at least three feet away from Ava’s crib to prevent strangulation.nursery decor for girls // girl about columbus4. This isn’t the time to use a vintage crib or hand me down. A crib manufactured after 2011 will meet the most current safety standards with the right spaced slats, no drop sides or decorative finials. You can purchase a new crib with a vintage feel or design that still meets new safety to safely style your nursery // girl about columbus5. Learn the ABCs of infant sleep safety: Alone, Back, Crib. The crib or bassinet should contain only a firm, well-fitting mattress and a tightly fitted sheet. According to the CDC, sleep-related deaths are the leading cause of infant mortality for children under 1 with 90% of these deaths occurring before an infant is 6 months old. Also, experts recommend that for their first 6 months, infants should sleep in mom and dad’s room, but not in their bed. We kept Ava in a bassinet in our room for months after she was born and I always put her on her back to sleep, even when she learned to roll over as experts know this is the most effective way to prevent death. Statistics also reveal that the number of parents following this advice is still low and hasn’t changed in the past decade. Come on moms and dads, back is best, let’s do this!

how to safely style your nursery // girl about columbus

Next up, furniture safety!

6. Bookshelves, dressers and changing tables are all susceptible to tipping over, posing the danger of injuring your infant. Anchor this furniture to the wall to stabilize it, and keep heavier items, like books, at the bottom.7. Be sure to keep the table clear of any potentially dangerous items, like small caps, cleansers, medications or ointments, that your infant could grab and put in his or her mouth. I’m still constantly moving or putting small things away that I don’t want Ava to to safely style your nursery // girl about columbus8. When it comes to changing tables, always use the safety straps on the changing pad and keep a hand on your infant whenever he or she is on the table. Try to position the changing table away from electrical outlets, and place protective covers over all to safely style your nursery // girl about columbus

how to safely style your nursery // girl about columbus

Finally, what about the windows?

9. Use window coverings that do not have cords. If they do, be sure to snip the loop or install a cord shortener to keep the cord out of the reach of little ones. Always keep windows closed and locked when you aren’t in the room. Install window stops to keep them from opening any more than 4 inches – screens do a great job of keeping bugs out, but not keeping children in.10. Keep cribs, beds, and furniture away from windows, so children cannot use this furniture to climb up and out the to safely style your nursery // girl about columbusWhat tips will you incorporate into your nursery? I’d love to hear from you! To learn even more about how you can make your nursery safer, download the Make Safe Happen app – it has all kinds of safe sleep/safe nursery content as well as links to safety products!

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