My 2018 Goals

2018I don’t prefer to call them New Year’s resolutions but I definitely like to attempt to make some attainable, personal goals for the upcoming year. Last year, my only true goal was that I really wanted to make it a “year of cozy,” making changes around our home that created a more homey, warm, and inviting space. I feel like I did just that, which has been super rewarding to work towards!

2018 is already looking to be a memorable + busy year, with our second baby girl expected to arrive in April. Obviously, my #1 goal is to deliver a healthy baby! With that said, here are a few things I want to focus on this year:

  • Finding balance as a family of 4. I know it will be a huge adjustment for everyone as we learn to navigate a new normalcy. Ava will always be my big girl, my first-born, the one that completely changed my world. There’s a lot that of course is unknown, however, I think my expectations will naturally become a little higher for A but that sweetie is still little and will need her mommy a lot. Thankfully, Nic is the most helpful person I know and with him and our family + friends, all of these changes will be easier, hopefully allowing for as much fun family/sister time and one-on-one mommy/daughter and daddy/daughter time as possible.
  • Becoming more organized. I consider myself a person that needs organization but I’m not amazing at it! My email is a disaster at all times, clutter drives me so nuts I refuse to deal with it, and when I don’t have my lesson plans/blog posts/meals/outfits planned, I tend to fall apart! So the big part of this is how I plan to become more organized. I need systems in place – agendas, calendars, visuals! Over winter break, I had to move all of my clothes that don’t fit my bump anymore (which is basically 80% of my closet) to the basement and have felt my anxieties have alleviated already about getting ready for the day. It’s amazing how much better I’ve felt by having less! This year I want to either get rid of the clutter or organize it in a way that will stay organized long-term.
  • Making time for fitness. The key words being making time. When I had Ava, it was January, which meant a ton of inside time which minimal natural exercise. I was verrry anxious when she was around 6 weeks old. I remember telling my doctor that and her first response was, “Have you been exercising?” My response was “Um, noooo.” This time around, I know I have to MAKE TIME to exercise or I could potentially be a hot mess again. Exercise is something that I know I need but has gone out the window and I feel so much better about everything when I do yoga, lift weights, or jog. I want to try to do something active everyday, even if it’s putting the babe in the stroller and going for a long walk outside.

Sure, there are a lot more goals I’d like to work on like spending more time with friends, making date night a priority again, etc. but I think I better stop there or my ambitions are just not going to be realistic to reach in 2018. It’s simply impossible to do it all as, we as women, try so hard to do! I think it’s important to not only establish what you’d like to improve but also how you’re going to get there or else it can just seem overwhelming and abstract. What do you think? Do you set resolutions or goals for the upcoming year?

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