15 of My Favorite Photos from 2017

This year was somewhat of a blur, filled with toddler dance parties, pretend picnics, and snuggles. There were also some memorable family trips, work projects, personal challenges, and the joy of becoming pregnant + expecting our second baby girl. I feel beyond blessed when I look back at these memories that made 2017 the sweetest year yet:Winter Onederland 1st birthday^ My little baby turned 1 in January!

^ New walker alert! Walking with Daddy <3hi fashion // old navy^ Working on a campaign with Old Navy. This was one of the first times I intentionally matched our outfits! You can read the full post HERE.

^ Looking back, this was an absolutely magical family vacation we took over our Spring Break in April. We went to Anna Maria Island in FL and actually relaxed, enjoyed nature, rode bikes, and just spent good ol’ fashioned quality time as a new family. You can read my full post about our trip HERE.

anna maria island beach^ First time seeing the Gulf of Mexico and I’m a big fan. Although visiting the beach will always be different for me moving forward. I was diagnosed with Stage 0 melanoma this year. I had a suspicious red spot on my leg that was very tiny, symmetrical, and not raised… but it was new and worried me. Turns out my gut instinct was right. I completely underestimated the surgery required to remove this cancerous lesion and it was VERY painful and VERY slow-healing, I believe partly because I was newly pregnant. I didn’t share this diagnosis with very many people and I certainly didn’t announce it on GAC because it was so surprising to me. Even after years of using a tanning bed and living by the beach during grad school, I have never burned easily! If you’re suspecting any change with any moles, go get them removed and checked! My scar is large, dark, and Ava still calls it “mommys boo-boo” because it looks awful but I’d rather live a few more years, ya know?!

^ This man! I just continue to love him more!

schiller park^ We had the best summer exploring Central Ohio through the eyes of a toddler! I did a round-up of fun places to go in Columbus with your little one HERE!

gorgeous hydrangeas!!^ My family took our first trip together in forever to Michigan! I still have big hydrangea goals and these ones are the most beautiful ones I’ve seen in real life! You can read all about our Holland, Michigan trip HERE.

big red lighthouse in holland, michigan^ Diva by the lighthouse!^ My sweet, sweet girl. Photo by Rachel of Little Roo Studios.

riding bikes in put in bay^ Nic + I spent our first night away from Ava (she was 18 months might I add!) and went to Put-in-Bay during the week. It was a fast and furious 24 hour trip but well worth it as PIB is gorgeous! You can read the post I did about what to do while in Put-in-Bay HERE.

zipzone adventure park columbus ohio^ This may be a bit of a surprise to you that it made the list but here’s why: Becoming a mother and learning how to navigate Ava/Nic/pets/work/blog/cleaning/cooking, etc. has definitely been quite the day-to-day challenge! BUT this my friends, was a day that I jumped out of my comfort zone completely and did something semi-adventurous! I was SHAKING during this aerial obstacle course both from my muscles being weak (ugh, I have big goals for this after baby #2 is born) and from a fear of heights. It felt so rewarding to finish this course when all I wanted to do was cry and give up at the beginning. You can read more about the Zip Zone Adventure Park HERE.

^ This photo makes me LOL. Ava had the TIME OF HER LIFE at the Circleville Pumpkin Show this year. She talked about pumpkin donuts (pictured) for WEEKS after this. The girl has an intense love for pumpkins and loves to serve her fake food pumpkin at every meal she makes from her kitchen. I’m convinced it’s all from this moment right here. 🙂 You can read all about our trip to the Pumpkin Show HERE.

^ Our pregnancy announcement we posted on Facebook. I know she’s going to be the BEST big sister and I could give you a million reasons why!

^ Oh man. This one is definitely going in her scrapbook 🙂 She talked a big game before meeting Santa this year and while there were no tears, her face says it all!

I hope you’ve had a great year, let’s make 2018 even better. Thank you for reading. xoxo

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