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The New ZipZone Adventure Park

Columbus Outdoor Adventures Zipzone Adventure ParkHave you heard about the new Aerial Adventure Park at ZipZone? I hadn’t either until a couple of weeks ago when Nic and I went to check out the brand new space located just north of I-270 off of Route 23. Honestly, we weren’t sure what to expect but knew that ZipZone had an excellent reputation for zip lining in Columbus, so we were so excited! However, the Adventure Park completely exceeded our expectations and is unlike anything we’ve ever done before. I’d say it quickly climbed to one of our top 5 memorable dates – it was THAT GOOD!
zipzone adventure park columbus ohioZipZone’s Adventure Park is an aerial park that offers elevated trails into the tree tops with obstacles such as tightropes, moving platforms and rope climbs. You wear a harness and are given instructions by staff prior to entering the course. You are locked onto a lifeline cable with double-connected safety clips the entire time so you cannot fall. But you feel like you could!
The park boasts 5 courses with over 60 different challenges and they are color-coded just like ski slopes, with yellow being the easiest and black ringing in at the most difficult. You can choose which course(s) you want to do. Within a two-hour session, it’s possible to complete 2-3 courses. I did the yellow course, and let me tell you, it was a challenge.
zipzone adventure park columbus ohioLet me also tell you, I am not typically the “adventurous” type, I like my feet on the ground, and have a bit of fear of heights. On the other hand, I do enjoy nature, fully appreciate a challenge, especially athletically, and I’m always up to try something new. It took me a few challenges to get the hang of it and really feel stable. I thought I was going to fall the entire time on the first two courses, my legs were shaking, my legs also weren’t moving because I was so scared, and I was holding onto the cable for DEAR LIFE. At one point, I think even told Nic, “I can’t do this, I’m too scared!” My heart was beating out of my chest!!!zipzone adventure park columbus ohioFast forward through the first couple of challenges, and after I let Nic take the lead so I could copy his strategy, I was feeling more confident, warmed up, and surprisingly, thoroughly enjoying the thrill of the aerial trail! Ultimately, at the end of the yellow course, we ended with a zip line, which I LOVED!!!zipzone // girl about columbusAfterwards, Nic decided to attempt the blue course (the black wasn’t open yet, or else I know he would’ve tried that one) and OH MY GOSH! This is NOT for the weak or scared of heights. It IS for the adventurous, nature-loving type though. High in the trees, Nic was a pro and I kept calling him Tarzan! 🙂 I looked up at one time to just see him swinging back and forth on wooden sticks, mid-course. The challenges on the blue course are TOUGH and I’m pretty sure I would’ve had to turn around if I had attempted this course HA, HA! To top it off, the blue course ends with a free fall jump (while you’re attached to a cable) to complete the experience!We ran out of time or else I’m sure we would’ve tried a few more. We talked the entire way home about how we want to go back, how fun it would be to bring family and friends here, and how awesome their Kids’ Park is! The Kids’ Park is for ages 4-7 (the bigger adventure park is for ages 7 and up). It’s an adventure park that has two courses that are very close to the ground but would be an absolute ball for kids! Actually, ZipZone’s parks would be PERFECT for a birthday parties, for adults OR kids.You can learn more about both of the parks on their site HERE (use code ADV1715 if you book because it will get you 15% off until 9/8/17). This new adventure park is a definite must-do in Columbus! We loved it!

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Thank you to ZipZone for sponsoring this post! We had a blast!






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