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The Best Movie Theatre Remodel in Columbus

This post is sponsored by AMC Theatres. All opinions & thoughts are my own.AMC Easton Town Center // girl about columbus

AMC Theatres recently invited my husband and I to experience the newly remodeled AMC Dine-In Theatre at Easton Town Center and we couldn’t have been more excited to check out their new space! To be transparent, at times, Nic and I both find it difficult to take a break, not work, and unwind. For years, we’ve said that going to the movies or watching one at home is one of the only times we can disconnect and truly relax.

AMC TicketsPlus, this day date was honestly such a treat for us to get out because that’s something that just doesn’t happen with a toddler! AMC holds some nostalgia for us because when we were dating, we spent our first “real” date watching Pirates of the Caribbean at the Lennox location 🙂 This time, we chose to see Dunkirk, which we had heard a lot of great reviews about.

Now onto the theatre experience: Purchasing our tickets was seamless and so easy – we chose to purchase them at the theatre kiosk but you can buy them from the window or even online now to secure your reserved seat. We chose our seats via a seating chart when we purchased our tickets in-house as well! It’s always fun to go up the escalator at Easton, tickets in hand.AMC Easton // girl about columbusOnce at the top, concierge checked our tickets and informed us that a server would come directly to us once we were seated and we could order anything from there. I was shocked we didn’t have to order any popcorn/drinks/treats before we went into the actual theatre where our movie was showing! Um, no lines? I was 100% cool with that. We quickly found our red leather seats and instantly reclined. These plush seats are exactly what I’ve needed my entire movie-going career! There’s simply no better way to relax and lean back to enjoy the show than in a comfy leather recliner… that’s honestly way better than what I have at home.
AMC Easton Town Center // girl about columbusNow, let me share that seating location was the best in the house since we were able to choose our location prior to getting there… center of of the theatre for the win! Oh, and our food service was OUTSTANDING! AMC offers a full menu and our server raved about how delicious the food was while we were ordering 🙂 Everything looked amazing and I was honestly floored by how many options they had to choose from!AMC Easton Town Center :: gac They offer appetizers, entrees, desserts, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, and more. Nic went with two orders of sushi rolls and I went with a fuss-free chicken quesadilla with an Oreo milkshake 🙂 Our order swiftly came out about a half an hour later. Our server was right – the food was delicious! I LOVED how I was able to eat while watching the movie and, as time is of the essence while you’re paying a babysitter, taking advantage of this movie + dinner combo was absolutely ideal! Plus, it allowed for a little more shopping time before and after the film! 😉AMC Easton Town Center :: gacWhile I clearly LOVE the Easton location, I realize that may not be the most convenient theatre for you to visit. The great news is is that AMC is remodeling A TON of their locations with upgraded amentities! You can visit to find out the theatre closest to you. In celebration of all of AMC’s fabulous remodels, YOU have the chance to WIN a $50 AMC Theatres gift card! Head over to my Instagram to learn how to enter! Good luck!

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