15 Month Baby Favorites

15 Month Baby Favorites

15 Month Baby Favorites // girl about columbusMy little toddler is into so much right now! I’m LOVING this age! I should’ve titled this post 16 Month favorites because she’s just a week away from that! Crazy! The toys are getting so much more fun too as she’s starting to use pretend play more and more, feeding her babies, fixing us coffee, and cleaning the house. The cuteness is real!15 Month Baby FavoritesSo what are Ava’s fave toys right now? Anything new, really! But, we definitely have some favorites right now that she plays with daily! At the top of the list? This sports car that we take out on the neighborhood every evening and this play kitchen set that is the perfect height now but will grow with her as she gets older.

We’ve been using these pretend fruits/vegetables for the kitchen and I like that they can grow with her. I think it’s so cute when we set up her stuffed animals and she pretends to give them some tea for a tea party – this set is adorable that she got for her birthday.

Ava likes to pretend she is a lil’ mommy/babysitter and take care of the two baby dolls she has. Baby Stella is adorable and even comes with a paci (plus a ton of other cute accessories for her). She’s also a lil’ helper these days and likes to help us clean the house, so naturally, this vacuum and this cleaning set (so cute!) are her favorite things during our once-a-week big cleaning spree.

Outside, she loves her new water table! She still loves these discovery boxes and is starting to sort the items by color as well as all of the items from her 12 Month Favorites list I shared.

The night I picked my battles and let Ava take a real book into the bathtub I realized that my lil’ bookworm needs some waterproof books! This book is adorable and Ava loves it because she’s so into farm animals right now.15 Month Baby FavoritesWe also just ordered these stacking cubes (with cute little animals to go with them) and this colorful stack and sort board.  What’s on the wish list? I am loving these sweet suitcases, this changing set for baby Stella, this rainbow stacker.

What are some of your favorite toys for your toddler?


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  • The babies taking care of their babies is probably the sweetest ever! We really need to get our girls together!! Love the post girly 🙂

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