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15 Pink, Blue, & White Pieces for Spring Under $100

Hello, sweet Spring! How patiently we all have waited for you and now that you’re officially here, it’s time to let the season’s lighter colors overtake our dark, winter wardrobe for a necessary breath of fresh air. I am being drawn to three colors in particular: Pink, blue, and white. All pale shades, might I add 🙂

I just bought these pink pants and love how high quality they look and feel – especially for work – at an excellent price point. I also recently purchased this seersucker bikini for our upcoming beach trip. It’s even prettier in person! This pink ruffle off-the-shoulder top (that also comes in a pretty lavender shade) is SO gorgeous and I just know it’s going to start popping up on some of my favorite Instagramers’ accounts soon. I’ve recently discovered my favorite flats come in the loveliest pale pink. If you’re looking for pink heels, these ones are perfect for special occasions. And how in the world do I decide between this blue stripe or this pink stripe top – I love them both and can just picture them with white denim and flats. I have these distressed jeans and love them for Spring! A & F has really stepped it up lately and I’m into quite a few of their pieces right now – especially this sweet dress for under $28 that comes in pink, blue, and white! Bonus: It comes in Tall sizes too! This eyelet dress is so classic for warmer months in the white color. If you’re into the twist hem trend like I am right now, you may love this top that comes in 6 colors! Oh, and don’t even get me started on how obsessed I am with this white eyelet blouse: Sooo pretty! And, finally, I’m loving this sweatshirt, these scalloped espadrilles (SO, so cute), and this crocheted top!

What are some of your favorite Spring colors?


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