12 month baby favorites // girl about columbus

12 Month Baby Favorites

12 month baby favorites // girl about columbus

I didn’t know whether or not to name this post Baby or Toddler Favorites but I went with Baby! Ava is changing daily ever since she hit a year and I have to say, this is my favorite age!!! I’m finding she understands SO MUCH more than before, plays with way cooler toys, babbles constantly, and gives hugs now! I love reading others’ posts when they share their favorites for their kids so I want to share mine too! Here we go – Ava’s current favorites:

  • Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chair: Ava loves to sit in this chair, play with her “remote,” and even put things under the seat of her chair.
  • Lakeshore Color Discovery Boxes: Quite possibly the most adorable baby toys, ever! The little babe loves having us open these discovery boxes so she can explore what’s inside. Now, she also helps putting the items back in the box and closing it, only to want it opened again! Out of all of her toys, she will sit and play with these the longest! Which is a feat for our busy bee.
  • Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set: Aw this basketball hoop is little one’s favorite thing right now – she loves to “make a basket” and will try to put just about anything she can lift through the hoop. Bonus that it’s pink!
  • Cabbage Patch Kids Newborn Set: My heart is melting by the second when Ava gives her baby a bottle and a paci and then lays her down in her bed. How do babies understand these things?! I love this doll (and bed, stroller, and accessories that comes with it) as much as she does right now!
  • blabla Kids Doll: The most precious nightly cuddle friend, Suzette the Fox. These dolls are the most precious, well-made, soft, and colorful things in the world! They make an excellent gift + I’m so happy my mother-in-law gave Ava one for her birthday!
  • Books: The girl is a bookworm, no doubt about it. She has no hesitation to grab a book, turn the pages, and even try to “read” it by herself but she also loves to bring me books to read to her too. At this point, she definitely has favorites – including Emma, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?, and Moo, Baa, LA, LA, LA.
  • FOOD! And lots of it! She’s not a picky eater (yet) and adores blueberries, peas, sweet potatoes, strawberries, raspberries, bananas, paleo pancakes, shredded chicken, green beans, mandarin oranges, avocado, yogurt, and turkey… this list could go on and on but those are the favorites around here!
  • ezpz Feeding Mat: Speaking of eating, we use this suction plate daily because it’s easy to clean, sticks well to her highchair, and is so cute. While I linked to one that you can buy online, I got ours from Never Grow Up, the sweetest children’s boutique in downtown Grove City.
  • Snack Cups: These days, we probably would have breakdown ciiity when we try to go out and about and Ava has to sit for longer periods of time (i.e the car, a highchair, etc.) if we didn’t have these snack cups! We fill and re-fill them with Cheerios, puffs, etc. to keep those little hands busy and that little tummy full. Something so simple but such a lifesaver on so many occasions.
  • Johnson’s Head to Toe Cleaning Cloths: One of my friends turned me on to these cloths. I’ve never been a huge fan of Johnson’s products but these are well-worth it to freshen up little babe when the time arises. They smell so good and do the job!

Moving forward, we’re realizing we will be on-the-go much more than what we were last year as Ava, like Mommy and Daddy, loves to explore new places! We need a solid backpack to take on short excursions instead of hulling around the big diaper bag. How cute are these mini backpacks? I can’t decide on which color but I need one in my life! SO many fun baby + toddler finds out there!




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