10 Month Baby Favorites

10 monthsAva is 10 months old! I can’t believe we’ll be celebrating her 1st birthday so soon. This girl loves to be on the move, and can now stand up by herself for a few seconds. She loves toys, digging through toy boxes, looking at books, and getting into mischief! Oh, and food… yep, she’s super into food right now – especially finger foods like peas, Cheerios, avocados, blueberries, and sweet potatoes. She can say, “Da-da”, “Ma-ma,” “Ba-ba, “mo” for “more”, and is imitating us to stick out her tongue, closer her lips, etc.
10 monthsShe loves books right now  and the Baby Lit books are just adorable (and make the cutest presents)! We also are still using the Comotomo bottlesthis baby carrierthis stroller and car seat, although she’s getting close to outgrowing her car seat so we’ll have to graduate over to this car seat that I’m so excited to use! We’ve found it helpful to use this spout cover to gauge how cold/hot her bath water is so we get it just right. In terms of shoes, you can’t beat the Freshly Picked moccasins as they form to her feet and become softer with every wear. Also, I’m slightly obsessed with Billy Bibs when Ava needs a cute bib for outings! Ava doesn’t really use swaddle blankets anymore except for when she’s napping in our arms but when she does, these blankets from Little Unicorn are just the prettiest things ever.

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