7 Month Baby Favorites

7 Month Baby Favorites

7 Month Baby Favorites I’m really not sure where this last month went – it feels like just yesterday that Ava turned 6 months and now here we are with a 7-month-old! One of my good friends told me right after she was born that the second 6 months absolutely fly by and so far she’s been absolutely right!

7-month-baby-favoritesAva has started doing sooo many more things since last month – she started crawling, she’s getting her first tooth, and she even has started to pull herself up to stand without our help! She is so, so fun!

Here are some of our and Ava’s favorites over the past month:7 Month Baby Favorites // girl about columbus



Breast milk is still the bulk of Ava’s diet although a crazy bout of mastitis definitely hurt my supply for a couple of weeks but now we are back in business. We are still using both the Tommy Tippee and Comotomo bottles as well as this bottle warmer because it fits ALL sizes of bottles. In terms of solids, Ava Mae has tried a few more foods and she does not like avocado nor zucchini. She enjoys bananas, peas, sweet potatoes, peaches, apples, and the jury is still out on carrots! I’ve been trying to make her food as right now it’s so easy to just steam and/or blend her food into purees. Some days she eats more than others — the most she’s ever eaten in one sitting is a couple of tablespoons. This month, I plan on transitioning her to two meals per day if she’s up for it. I’ve been using the BEABA Babycook and it’s been wonderful! We highly recommend this highchair.



As Ava is sitting up wonderfully these days, we graduated her out of the infant bathtub and into the big bathtub this month! Per friends’ recommendations, we are just putting a towel in the bottom of the tub to keep her from slipping as some of those anti-slip mats did not work with our tub. I also finally invested in some “baby-only” towels – these ones from Target are so colorful and soft, plus they match A’s bathroom. We are still using and loving this shampoo/body wash, this diaper rash cream, and this brand of wipes. Also, we are still using these diapers for daytime as they fit Ava the best (the less blowouts, the better!!!) and these diapers for nighttime. Although Ava’s colds have really eased, we still use this humidifier at night when we notice some congestion as we feel it really, really helps. We’re also using a this lotion this month and it smells so girly and good.



Ava LOVES anything new and anything that makes a sound or that she can bang to make a sound. She has been crazy about jumping in this activity jumper and it occupies her way longer than what it used to. We also use this puzzle mat for play and in terms of new toys, Ava’s faves are these rings, this activity cube (I have all the songs memorized in my head), and these stacking cups (she loves rolling the ball that comes with this set and crawling after it).



Ava is still wearing 3-6 month rompers, shorts, dresses, pants and onesies but she is into 6-9 month PJ’s/one-pieces because she is a long little bean! I also recently upgraded to the “Medium” size sleep sack that we love and swear by for night sleep. I’m currently looking to buy a couple of cute fall outfits for Ava and I’m loving this gray cardi from Old Navy, these adorable crew socks, and this flannel dress from Baby Gap. I also love everything from Tea Collection and Baby Boden but need to get it on sale to justify the price for cuteness factor. I finally was able to buy some of the sweetest hair bows from the always-sold-out The Splendid Bow Shop (you need to be ready to log on and ready to buy on Mondays at 10am MST to be able to score some) and I’m loving the colors and quality!




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