My Weekend in Photos

How was your weekend?! Mine was spent with family and friends and sunshine in between the rain 🙂


^ Started my weekend by enjoying the fresh sunshine and blue skies working on my tan on my lunch break. 🙂 Stopped by Dill’s Greenhouse to pick up a basil plant for my mom. Those rose bushes were hard to walk past and not buy one.

brunch^ Enjoyed my usual smoothie bowl (topped with granola, chia seeds, and goji berries) every morning, complete with a side of black coffee, my laptop, and pretty peonies.

buttercups^ After checking out my community’s yard sale with one of my BFF’s, we ventured home to celebrate my mom’s birthday at the homestead. Took a peek around at her beautiful flowers (look at those buttercups!!!) and checked out my dad’s plans for his woods. Time spent at home is just lovely these days. Also stopped in my in-laws to chat and for Ava to flash some more smiles. 🙂


^ After catching up and brunching at Alchemy (Banana cacao bowl and a Mean Green juice, all the way) with a dear old friend, we hit up the Goldfish School for Ava’s swimming lesson – she LOVES the water, kicking, and exploring. It’s truly one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen, my husband and her in the water melts my heart (Ava’s swimsuit here, currently on sale; also love this one and this one and Target has the best baby swimsuits for amazing prices). After swimming, I headed over to Easton, returned a few things to J. Crew and grabbed lunch on-the-go from Northstar Cafe – a Buddha Bowl, naturally.

Here’s to the week! I hope you have a great one! And may it be Friday very soon 🙂



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