Oh Joy! for Target Baby


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One of my favorite bloggers, Joy of Oh Joy!, has just launched her baby clothes line for Target and needless to say, I’m obsessed with the bright colors and bold prints! Ava neeeeds this romper and this one too! Oh Joy! also has a nursery line at Target which is equally cute – I especially am into these swaddle blankets, these crib sheets, and this baby blanket. These colors are such a great reminder that spring is almost here!



  • LOVE Oh Joy – and her designs are just perfect for little girls!

  • […] Ava is quite the happy spitter and these burp cloths and these ones have been regulars in the washing machine. Receiving blankets like these ones are so versatile – a blanket, a burp cloth, etc. they are used all the time. Swaddle blankets like these ones and these ones let Ava relax enough to fall asleep. Seriously, we tried not swaddling her for a bit and we were semi-crazy for doing that – she loves to be bundled for naps and at nighttime. For safe sleep, we swear by these swaddles. She can’t wiggle out of them and they can’t come up around her face. Such a lifesaver and a big reason as to why she is able to typically sleep at night for 5-7 consecutive hours (woohoo!). Ava has been living in cozy onesies, pants, and one-piece outfits. I can’t get over how cute her PJ’s (like these ones) are! I’m always buying seasonal items before the season actually starts to get the most wear out of things, so, naturally my buying habits for baby girl are the same. I love these baby shorts and I just bought this one-piece from Old Navy that is even more darling in person – and I’m loving the entire newly launched Oh Joy! for Target line. […]


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