10 Things to Do in Folly Beach // girl about columbus

10 Things to Do in Folly Beach

10 Things to Do in Folly Beach // girl about columbusLocated 10 miles from downtown Charleston, South Carolina, Folly Beach is a favorite travel destination for some R&R. Folly has it all: Clean beaches, delicious food, comfortable accommodations, unpretentious character, and memorable beauty. Here are some must-do’s while visiting Folly Beach:


  1. ) Enjoy some yummy food at local favorites such as Taco Boy – where tacos, nachos, and margaritas steal the show – and Woody’s Pizza, the best place on Folly to grab a pizza, subs, and cold beer.


Taco Boy Folly Beach

2.) Work off that food by doing something active – kayaking, taking surfing lessons, and renting a  paddleboard all are excellent choices.folly-beach-south-carolina

3.) Venture to the northeast end of Folly Beach to see the historical Morris Island Lighthouse. Due to erosion, the lighthouse is no longer in operation but it still is a sight to be seen.Folly_Beach_Sunrise_Charleston_South_Carolina

Morris Island Lighthouse // Folly Beach

4.) Watch the sunrise. One of the best spots to catch the sunrise is by Morris Island Lighthouse. The views will not disappoint!Folly_Beach_Sunrise_South_Carolina



5.) Relax and just lounge on the beach. This view never gets old…Folly Beach

6.) Enjoy some live music — You can check out this listing of local events to find an artist/venue that suits you.Live music // Folly Beach

7.) Reserve your stay at Water’s Edge Inn, The Tides (this is where we stay!), or rent a beach house.The Tides // Folly Beach

8.) Walk the pier – the quintessential beach staple.Fourth of July Folly Beach Charleston South Carolina

9.) BrunchThe Lost Dog Cafe and Rita’s Seaside Grille are both absolutely excellent choices. You can’t go wrong with anything on their menus!lost-dog-cafe-folly-beach

Lost Dog Cafe // Folly Beach
Rita's // Folly Beach

10.) Shop on Center Street. Buy a souvenir or two.folly-beach-shopping

10 Things to Do in Folly Beach

Folly is the best! Most of all, relax and enjoy yourself. Folly Beach is casual and laid-back – the epitome of what a vacation should be! For more information, visit FollyBeach.com. Enjoy!


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