Baby Essentials: The First 2 Weeks

Baby Essentials: The First Two Weeks

Baby Essentials: The First 2 Weeks

We made it through the first two weeks with our little newborn! I’ve learned SO much already – some things come much easier than others, of course, but I’m trying to soak up every single minute of this stage because I’ve been told they grow up sooo fast sooo many times! 🙂 I want to share the baby essentials for the first two weeks we have used every day since bringing our girl home from the hospital (Also, mommas-to-be: If you’re looking for items for your registry, this list may be particularly helpful for you):


We received a ton of Honest diapers at my showers and so we have been using those the most since we came home! We also really like the these diapers because they have the wetness indicator on the outside. At this point, we are trying to keep the diapers as natural as possible but trying different brands to see what fits our baby girl the best and also how well they absorb. The changing pad waterproof liners I bought a week before I had Ava have been extremely helpful in keeping her changing pads clean and dry. We just toss the liner (I have 6 of them!) in the laundry as needed. These wipes are great because their skin is SO sensitive as a newborn and we also are liking the these ones.

Baby Essentials: The First 2 Weeks


I have been looking at baby girl clothes differently since bringing Ava home! Whatever is easiest to undress her / change her diaper in the middle of the night wins. Gowns have been winning out at nighttime for this reason. Although I can say she is just about officially out of her newborn clothes, she lived in these onesies during the first two weeks. She’s also been getting a lot of wear out of these sweet hats and the most comfy baby socks I found at Target. This swaddle is the best & they can’t break free from it! It has worked their magic for us in terms of helping her sleep better at night!

Baby Essentials: The First 2 Weeks


I’m obsessed with the smell of this shampoo and body wash – we’ve been using that on her for bathtime! Also, this bathtub is amazing as it has a newborn sling attachment! This lotion is also a fave!


Ava has been sleeping in her this at night. We tried the bassinet but for now she prefers the Rock ‘N Play, probably because it’s cozier and comes up around her more. She also loves laying and looking around while in her Pack ‘N Play. That thing is a lifesaver and is our main changing station on our first floor, stocked with diapers/wipes/clothes/blankets/etc. We are also loving our this travel system. The car seat easily attaches to the base in our car as well as clicks into the stroller. This cozy car seat cover keeps Ava warm when we are traveling. In terms of feeding, I’d be a lot more uncomfortable without my Boppy! Also, I had to invest in some nursing tanks like this one to make things much easier.

Baby Essentials: The First 2 Weeks


I’ve been trying to read while nursing – especially after we first brought her home! I felt like I had so many questions and these books really helped me gain general knowledge quickly – On Becoming BabywiseEat Play Sleep, Mayo Clinic Guide to Your Baby’s First Year, and The Nursing Mother’s Companion – however, the most learning has come from watching and trial/error with Ava and from advice from family and friends.

Baby Essentials: The First 2 Weeks

Anything in particular that helped you through the first few weeks with your newborn? I would love to hear!


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  • Hi there! I’ve been following your blog for a little while and am a Columbus native! I have nannied for several infants and all the mamas love The Wonder Weeks! It’s originally a book (and now an app) that explains all the crazy growth spurts your little one might be going through when they are in a fussy phase. Also the Baby Shusher app is silly but was a life saver! Congrats to you and your family!

    • Thanks so much for this!
      I just downloaded The Wonder Weeks and am pretty excited about it! 🙂 It looks like it has so much information!


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