Baby Essentials: The First 2 Weeks

Baby Essentials: The First Two Weeks

Baby Essentials: The First 2 Weeks

I originally published this post after my first-born was born but since then, have updated this list to be WAY more insightful for you all!

Current situation: I have a 4 year old and a 1 1/2 year old + I wanted this list to be comprehensive and HELPFUL for you mommas, because gosh, those first few weeks can be TOUGH.

Just know you’re not alone if you’re extremely sleep-deprived, stressed out, and like WTF just happened?! 🙂 If the babe has completely rocked your world, that’s how it was for me with my first. If not, then kudos to you and your baby!!! And no matter your situation, CONGRATULATIONS! I promise you will look back on these times as a blur, but with very sweet memories.

These are my absolute favorite MUST-HAVES for the first two weeks (or more!) stage… ps – they’re all from Amazon!!:

AUDIO MONITOR: This thing is AMAZING!!!! You can hear every little noise! Which is nice for when you have your newborn asleep in the swing/bassinet/crib and you are trying to get some inside or outside work done! Plus, it’s extremely portable, which gives you so much piece of mind!

CHANGING PAD WATERPROOF LINERS: These have have been extremely helpful in keeping her changing pads clean and dry. They’re also portable and make changing easy all around the house! Sure, you could just use a blanket – but these are waterproof!! 🙂 We just toss the liner (I have 6 of them!) in the laundry as needed.

DIAPERS: Hands down, our favorite diapers are Pampers Swaddlers! They have the stripe to indicate if the babe is wet or not, they don’t have a weird smell like some diapers do, and they’re so absorbent!

WIPES: Oh my – we ADORE these wipes!!!! They are so moist – which sounds silly to say but it makes a difference in not irritating baby’s bottom when wiping! You only need one or two to get the job done typically 🙂 These are very similar to the Water Wipes brand but just as great and definitely cheaper!

Baby Essentials: The First 2 Weeks


Before the baby, it’s easy to say you’ll dress him/her in the cutest clothes, ever. I remember thinking that at least! 🙂 But I underestimated how tired I would be and also how LITTLE the babe would be. Oh and they don’t tell you that their nails grow so quickly and can easily scratch their face while sleeping. Hmmm. SO. Comfy rules in the newborn stage! Whatever is easiest to undress/change them usually won for us!





SWADDLE SLEEP SACK – This swaddle sleepsack by Halo may be THE most important item on this list! It makes the baby feel so snuggled and has afforded us many great nights of sleep. Many swaddles – you may find – babies can break through. But not this one! This velcro is STRONG! 🙂

Baby Essentials: The First 2 Weeks


SHAMPOO & BODY WASH – This foaming soap smells so good and is so good for baby, too! SUCH a fave for not only the newborn stage but also toddler stage as well!

BATHTUB WITH SLING – We used this baby bathtub with both of our girls and loved it because it fits in the kitchen sink. That sling is everything! Plus, it also can grow with baby to sitting stage as well! Here is the “boyish” version.

LOTION – Nothing beats the smell of this lotion for me. Reminds me of the yummy newborn stage every time!


Ava has been sleeping in her this at night. We tried the bassinet but for now she prefers the Rock ‘N Play, probably because it’s cozier and comes up around her more. She also loves laying and looking around while in her Pack ‘N Play. That thing is a lifesaver and is our main changing station on our first floor, stocked with diapers/wipes/clothes/blankets/etc. We are also loving our this travel system. The car seat easily attaches to the base in our car as well as clicks into the stroller. This cozy car seat cover keeps Ava warm when we are traveling. In terms of feeding, I’d be a lot more uncomfortable without my Boppy! Also, I had to invest in some nursing tanks like this one to make things much easier.

Baby Essentials: The First 2 Weeks


I felt like I had so many questions and these books really helped me gain general knowledge quickly:

On Becoming Babywise – I am neither advocating for nor disagreeing with a sleep schedule. It works for some families and some it does not. You do what works for you and your lifestyle! This book definitely is insightful to know how long sleep/wake cycles are though!

Eat Play Sleep – I loved this book and tried hard to follow this routine, although it definitely didn’t always work that way!

The Nursing Mother’s Companion – Definitely a fantastic resource for breastfeeding!!! I read this front to back.

Baby Essentials: The First 2 Weeks


  • Hi there! I’ve been following your blog for a little while and am a Columbus native! I have nannied for several infants and all the mamas love The Wonder Weeks! It’s originally a book (and now an app) that explains all the crazy growth spurts your little one might be going through when they are in a fussy phase. Also the Baby Shusher app is silly but was a life saver! Congrats to you and your family!

    • Thanks so much for this!
      I just downloaded The Wonder Weeks and am pretty excited about it! 🙂 It looks like it has so much information!


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