GAC’s Favorite Photos of 2015


I blinked and 2015 is nearly gone. Quickest year, ever. As I do every year at this time, I like to look through old photos and choose some of my favorites that really epitomize the year for me. These 12 surely do and could all very well be in a frame soon:


^ The best girls’ trip to Miami. This was taken at the famous The Raleigh Hotel.


^ My little nuggets, Reagan and Lincoln. They became best friends this year.


^ Goodale Park in the Spring is my favorite and man was I happy to see Spring come, especially this year!


^ Nic and I’s little vacation to Charleston, South Carolina. The light of this morning, the heat already amping up, I really feel like we were just there. I’ve only shared a couple of photos from our vacation but I plan on putting together a mini travel guide for Charleston soon.


^ Our (very!!!) Big Announcement. The excitement of taking this shot. The nervousness too. A woman on the beach stopped, ooh’ed and ahh’ed and I swear she had tears in her eyes. I’ll never forget that.
blonde-maltipoo^ Reagan grew up a lot this year (physically and mentally!) and this photo is currently in a frame. I just love her and she’s been the perfect addition to our family. We had a lil’ dog photo shoot during our Day Trip to Granville.

^ New York City. Central Park. Nic and I ventured to the Big Apple in August to visit friends and we are so glad we did because our trip was flawless. I technically did not take this picture as Nic did… but I remember asking him if he could capture this image of the buildings framed with the trees.


^ Just a simple iPhone shot looking at Lower Manhattan. I love this man more than I could ever put into words and he’s been a rock for me this year. Best husband ever, ladies… I’ve got him, I’m sorry!



^ The quality of this photo? So-so. The emotion? Absolutely off the charts. We were both in shock at this moment in September at the fact we are having a girl!!! Priceless moment in time and I’m so happy we have it captured.

Beautiful Bride | girl about columbus

^ I attended and was a part of several absolutely beautiful weddings this year. My friends really know how to throw a good party, let me tell you. But this iPhone photo I shot of my best friend getting ready at The Westin before her wedding is my fave.
My Baby Shower | girl about columbus

^ 2015 has been filled with a lot of emotions… nostalgia included in all of it. I love this photo because this dress of mine displayed at my baby shower now hangs in Baby Hamman’s closet.

The Book Loft | German Village

^ Oh and you all know I love a good Columbus photo! The lighting was insanely good when I shot The Book Loft, ya’ll, and I may have to frame this. This photo reminds me of what I really enjoy doing and that’s exploring, creating, and sharing… with you.



  • I love that photo of The Book Loft. I’m from the Cleveland area, but love to visit Columbus and The Book Loft whenever I can!
    We just had our first little girl in November and, let me tell you, it’s as good as you hope, only better ;-). Best of luck to you on a safe and smooth delivery. You can read my daughter’s birth story on my blog if you are interested!

  • What an incredible year full of memories! One of my favorite things about blogging is being able to look back and be thankful for all of the great moments in life. Looking forward to seeing where 2016 takes you!

    Brittany |


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