Quick / Easy Meal with Chef’s Pantry

I obviously love living in Columbus. And I personally love the fact that many companies roll out new products exclusively in Columbus. Del Monte’s Chef’s Pantry is a prime example of such a product.chefs-pantry-meal-toppersChef’s Pantry offers six chef-inspired creations and allows you to “make over you meal” in just minutes, turning plain chicken and rice into a Southwest-style dish, for example, just as I did after they asked me to try out their new product!

chefs-pantry-meal-toppersEspecially lately, I’ve been cooking at home a lot and trying to focus on consuming healthy, fresh, whole ingredients. However, sometimes I get home from work and just don’t have the time nor energy to cook a meal the way I really like to. Enter Chef’s Pantry Meal Toppers.

chefs-pantry-meal-toppersI made the Southwest Beans & Corn with a Chipotle Chile Sauce with corn, black beans, and pinto beans. All I had to do was heat up my chicken (I love Tyson’s frozen grilled chicken FYI!) and then add the package of Chef’s Pantry to my chicken, while continuing to heat for a few minutes. Super easy, tasty, and my husband loved it too.

chefs-pantry-meal-toppersI enjoy the fact that these Meal Toppers are an easy grocery store pick-up for busy families that want a quick meal packed with protein and veggies. It really doesn’t get much easier to make dinner!


Remember, Chef’s Pantry is currently only available in Columbus! You can find Del Monte’s Chef’s Pantry Meal Toppers at Giant Eagle, Kroger, Target, and Walmart. Enjoy! 🙂

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7 responses to “Quick / Easy Meal with Chef’s Pantry”

  1. Ashley | Free Wills Studio Avatar

    This is the exact number of steps I like to do when I’m cooking, haha. I definitely need to try some Meal Toppers. This looks super delish!

    1. girl about columbus Avatar

      Ashley —

      Haha, seriously. Sooo easy!


  2. Emily Avatar

    Bummed to see you supporting/advertising for Tyson!! Their treatment of animals is absolutely sickening. There are so many better brands that deserve the value of being mentioned on your blog!

    1. girl about columbus Avatar

      Oh Emily,

      I watched a documentary not long ago about animal cruelty and why people become vegan. It really broke my heart and although I’m not that surprised, I’m sad to hear Tyson could be included in this awful treatment. Thanks for bringing that to my attention and it’s obviously something I need to research. Always appreciate your feedback! 🙂


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  4. Brittany Avatar

    I’ve been struggling to come up with some new quick meal ideas! This is actually something I would stock in my pantry for those nights when I don’t know what to cook. Thanks for sharing! Also, one of my favorite places to shop is Trader Joe’s. They have a great selection of meat and great prices. Whole Foods is another good choice however their prices can be on the higher end.

    Brittany |

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