My New Favorite App: CurrentC

Happy Friday, everyone! I recently discovered a really useful, free, and user-friendly mobile app called CurrentC + want to share the details with you – you may love it too! 🙂currentc-mobile-pay-appIf you’re like me, you have a hard time locating your loyalty cards, gift cards, coupons, promotions, etc. that you know you saved but just can’t seem to find before you hit the store. I have multiple different ways of organizing these things, but it just never has seemed to work out. Until I was introduced to CurrentC.

The app is a time saver plus it helps me actually use the promotions/coupons/etc. that I need to use! See, it keeps everything in one spot so by the time you checkout, you simply choose your method of payment and make sure you have the coupons “clipped” that you need. Then, the app produces a bar code to be scanned at the cash register, restaurant table, drive-thru, or fuel pump. You scan and you’re outta there!target-currentcI used CurrentC for the first time at Target this week to buy Halloween candy for the little ones and the process could not have been easier. Before I went, I entered a couple of Target gift cards into the app… and let me mention, I had NO idea how much money was on these babies! One of them ended up having nearly $50! Woohoo. That’s another plus about CurrentC – once you put in the card and access numbers, it shows you how much is on your gift card.currentc-mobile-pay-targetAnyways, it was quite simple to choose my method of payment as “Target Gift Card” on my app, the cashier scanned the barcode that showed up on my phone, and I was out the door.

currentc-mobile-pay-targetI also “clipped” a coupon from Wendy’s for a free small frosty with a purchase, went through the drive thru using the app and enjoyed that baby on the way home from work.wendys-frostyI know you’re thinking… okay, great, Amanda, but who currently accepts CurrentC? Great question. Right now, they’re in their beta phase in Columbus (woohoo – love when we are the chosen beta city!) but watch for them to branch out nationally soon! You can load a map on the app to show the exact locations, however, CurrentC is being utilized in Columbus’s Wendy’s, KMart, Walmart, Target, Exxon, Giant Eagle, Market District, Mobil, Sears, and Sam’s Club!

All you need to do is download CurrentC from Google Play or iTunes! From there, it’s really simple to set up your account. Make sure you load gift cards and loyalty accounts before shopping 🙂 Note you can even upload your Target Cartwheel account with CurrentC + the discounts will be applied when you pay.


Thank you to CurrentC for sponsoring this post! As always, all opinions are my own.


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