Gender Reveal Party

So, today is my 29th birthday. 29. The year that I will refer to as my age for the rest of my life. 🙂 It’s not really about me this year. I don’t want any presents, really. I don’t want to shop for myself. I still want to shop, don’t get me wrong, but I only want to shop for this little baby that’s set to arrive in January! That’s it! This past Thursday evening, my sister-in-law + brother-in-law threw Nic and I a fun Gender Reveal party!

gender-reveal-partyWe both have always known we would want to find out the sex as it definitely helps with the mental and physical preparations of having a baby – especially the first!
gender-reveal-party-ideas-decorThursday afternoon, as soon as we received a little envelope from our doctor, we took it straight to my sister-in-law, who was prepped with both pink and blue treats, party decor, and helium-filled balloons to put in a box for us to open!

gender-reveal-party-ideas-cupcakesWe invited close family to help us discover the surprise together later that evening! Everyone had to pick a “Team” – Pink or Blue. Naturally, I chose Team Pink + Nic chose Team Blue!gender-reveal-party-ideasTeam Pink vs. Team Blue – note how many more Team Pinks there were, y’all! Which p.s. I think it’s funny considering the above tally board… hmm… it seems people changed their mind mid-party for some reason.gender-reveal-party-ideasAnd here goes nothing… but everything… our future… ah I was so nervous/excited at this point:gender-reveal-party-ideasWhen we did finally open the box, I think I was in shock for a bit!


I was expecting BOTH pink AND blue balloons to pop out for some reason but low and behold, only PINK showed up for the party! I was obviously ecstatic, as you may be able to see from these photos! I think Nic was in a joyous state of shock and his reaction was so sweet.
gender-reveal-party-ideasA baby GIRL!!!!!! My gut instinct all along has been that it is a girl and it goes back a couple of months ago, when Nic and I went on vacation to Charleston, South we saw there was a GIRL! It became so comical towards the end of our trip! Every baby!gender-reveal-party-ideasHowever, along the way, I also had boy feelings and would have been so happy to be having a boy too, of course! Baby boys are so cute!gender-reveal-party-ideasNic is seriously saying in the picture below, “Is this a joke?!” Ha, Ha. gender-reveal-party-ideasEveryone has been asking us up to the point what we wanted; a boy or a girl. We just want a healthy baby!balloons-in-box-gender-reveal-partyIt’s nice not to have to answer that question anymore + also not to have to call the baby an “It” for any longer too!
gender-reveal-partyThank you, Alicia (and Dane!) for all of your hard work for the party! We loved every second of it and will never forget it.

team-pink-gender-reveal-partyTeam Pink! I can’t wait to start buying girly baby clothes, accessories, decor, etc.! Ah! I can’t believe it – we’re having a baby GIRL! 🙂gender-reveal-party-ideas






5 responses to “Gender Reveal Party”

  1. meredithfeisel Avatar

    I called it on Facebook! 🙂 Yeah!

  2. Joanna Avatar

    Congratulations! Lucky baby either way!

  3. Planning for Paris Avatar

    Awwww a girl!!! Congrats! This is too cute!! Happy belated birthday!!

  4. Kerry Avatar

    Congratulations! I’m having a baby girl in January, too!! So many girls!!

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