National Dog Day

Today is National Dog Day!

All dogs need love and deserve a safe home. One of National Dog Day’s main missions is to promote adoption of dogs that need homes. If you want to adopt a dog in the Central Ohio area, the following is a list of where you can do such a thing:

national-dog-dayMy little Maltipoo babies bring me so much joy + I can’t even imagine life without them. Lincoln, my black male, just turned 5 years old last week and Reagan, my blonde female, is going to celebrate her first birthday next month!

blonde-maltipooTheir personalities couldn’t be more different but they get along so well. Lincoln is very “Type A,” vocal, a true momma’s boy, and smart as a whip. Reagan, on the other hand, is a free spirit, laid back, trusting, and looks to her brother for everything.






As different as they are, Lincoln and Reagan are sidekicks, partners in crime, and best friends. It’s been so cute to watch their relationship over the past year. They are my crazy lil’ nuggets! Happy National Dog Day!



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