My Weekend in Photos

I took so many iPhone shots this weekend + I just have to share! My husband + his friends started the Annual Snagmaster’s Fishing Tour 14 years ago – aka basically the best weekend full of camping, fishing, kayaking, + spending time in the great outdoors – and, of course, all of the girls look forward to this weekend too! Even the ones that only camp one time a year, aka I’m talking about myself 🙂 Here are some shots from the beautiful campsite off of Deer Creek in Southern Ohio…



After Snagmaster’s, on the way home, I’ve made my own personal tradition in stopping at my favorite U-Pick Flower Farm… Blossoms at the Bend, just outside of Williamsport, Ohio and just south of Circleville. I’ve actually posted about this farm a few times – it’s just so serene + gorgeous. I’ve found nothing else like it around Central Ohio! You may want to check out my post I did last year about it if you’re interested! As you can see from the photos, I left with a gorgeous bouquet… just for $3!

Sunday afternoon, I attended the sweetest bridal shower for Kirby, my cousin by marriage. The shower was complete with pretty flowers, monogrammed cookies, delicious food, and sentimental decor. I could’ve taken a million more photos because everything was just perfect… but I was a bit busy chatting 😉 I just love, love, love that they chose to decorate with Kirby’s family members’ wedding dresses. Such a thoughtful, unique touch. I was amazed that the second dress pictured is from 1912. How stunning.bridal-shower-ideas




I hope you had a fabulous weekend + enjoyed this beautiful weather we’ve been having! Summer is finally here!girl_about_columbus_blog


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