Weekend Reads

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For your beauty: Lauren Conrad’s beachy waves tutorial and what’s in her makeup bag, how to properly wash your face, and how to shape your eyebrows.

For your home: The most stylish celebrity offices, how to keep your whites white without chemicals, 30 things to do for domestic bliss, and the best online art resources.

For your wanderlust: What to do in Napa, Things we tend to forget while packing, How to find the perfect souvenir, and 10 historical trips you should take.

For your belly: Good mood food, a super healthy breakfast bowl recipe, crispy cauliflower tacos, and ideas for healthy workout snacks.

For your blog: 150 blog post ideas, SEO tips that are easy to understand, what it’s really like to be a full-time fashion blogger, and ways to make your blog look more professional.

For your career: Awesome Etsy resume templates, free online courses to help your business skills, tons of ways to use Adobe Illustrator.

For your inspiration: Tons of motivating quotes for business, words of wisdom from Taylor Swift, and a quarter-life crisis reading list.

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful Easter weekend!



  • Loving the blog posts, the photography is AWESOME! Thread is one of my favs too 🙂 Happy Weekend!


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