GAC’s Favorite Photos from 2014

It’s that time of year! GAC is beginning to wrap up another year of blogging and wow what a year it was! I am so thankful that you guys visit this site – you have no idea how much I appreciate and love you! I have a few posts lined up in the next couple of weeks re: looking back on 2014 beginning with today’s post! My computer has nearly crashed this year from the massive amount of photos I’ve taken… so much that I gifted myself an external hard drive for my birthday in September. Getting all nostalgic last night, I found myself looking through all the photos I’ve taken with my Canon this year and wanting to share my very favorites. I can honestly say I learned A LOT about photography this year. I’m absolutely not a pro and am definitely self-taught (I’ve been meaning to sign up for a class… maybe in 2015? :)) but I’ve really enjoyed learning about the importance of lighting, composition, and photo editing this year. I’ve taken some good photos and some awful ones as well (hmm, maybe that could be a post too, LOL). Photography is such a crazy fun hobby for me and one that I thank God for that I discovered.

maltipoo_girl_about_columbus_blog^^ Last January, we had the most beautiful snow and Lincoln absolutely had a ball playing outside. I’m shocked he stopped long enough for me to grab this shot and it has become one of my very favorite photos of him. And trust me, I have a ton. Look how much of a mountain man he is with his long hair!

Columbus, Ohio | girl about columbus^^ I took this photo downtown, at the corner of Broad and Third, in front of the Trinity Episcopal Church. I went out to take some photos because it was sunny but it was absolutely freezing!

U-Pick Flowers | Blossoms at the Bend | Williamsport, Ohio^^ I took so many fun photos for my post about Blossoms at the Bend in Williamsport, Ohio. It’s hard to go wrong with a field full of gorgeous flowers and this one was one of my favorites!

Hoover Dam Westerville | girl about columbus^^ To me, this photo shows what girl about columbus is all about: Exploring Columbus and telling stories through photos. Nic snapped this after we explored Hoover Dam in Westerville this summer. We took Lincoln on the most beautiful, mild spring day.

fourth of july | girl about columbus^^ Golden hour is everything. That might be my favorite thing I learned this year. They even make apps for this on your phone. So cool. This was taken at Nic and I’s cousins’ lake on July 3rd before camping out for the night.

rose-lake-hocking-hills^^ Rose Lake in Hocking Hills was worth the hike in October. Whoa! Is that a pink tree, seriously? Nic and I had the place to ourselves, surprisingly. Hidden gem!

new-orleans^^ New Orleans. 80 degrees in October. I had a wonderful time visiting with some of my best friends. And will be doing a full post on recommendations re: where to go/what to do sometime after the new year.

judas-road-williamsport-ohio^^ This was taken at my brother-in-law’s house this Fall. I’m so glad I had my camera with me because the sunset behind that barn and over the cornfields was stunning. That color is for real, only slightly enhanced.



  • Oh, to learn your blogger photography ways! You are the master and these are beautiful. 🙂


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