A Tool You Should Be Using to Organize Your Shopping: Lyst

Looking for a way to organize all of your favorite clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories you want to buy online? In essence, creating an online personalized visual shopping list? If yes, you may want to create an account with Lyst! Lyst is a free online tool I’ve been using since I started my blog, to shop quickly and efficiently for items I want to feature in blog posts and, specifically, to craft product collages. I love that I don’t have to search forever for items that have white backgrounds – this site has a ton of them! It’s also great for personal use as I tend to like lists and organized shopping. I can save items that I find via the search tool or via the personalized feed Lyst provides of items I may like (and oh my goodness, I love them all). I can then organize the items I find into different folders, such as “A Holiday Look” – i.e. as I’ve done with this holiday outfit, below, that’s absolutely calling my name.


Or, you can organize items according to specific brands like I’ve done with these Michael Kors bags.


And these Tory Burch shoes.


I love using Lyst and I think you might too! It’s a great site to discover new looks, peruse items on sale, organize your finds, and keep up with the trends. Oh and did I mention that Lyst will notify you when your favorite items go on sale? So convenient. 🙂

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Lyst.







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