Scarlet + Grey: Scarves


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With the temps dropping, it’s time to break out your scarlet + grey scarves! If you’re in the shopping mood and looking to invest in a new scarf, the above are my top picks after scouring the Internet (I’m especially in love with #5 and #7 – don’t be surprised if you see me sporting one of these babes on Instagram soon). I’ll share with you all that I originally wanted to do a post on “scarlet + grey scarves under $50,” but I learned that it’s honestly not the easiest thing to find cute + unique scarves on the web in these colors at a very affordable price point. So, if anyone is looking for a good business venture – you heard it here first – there has to be a market for this! At least one Ohio State fan is interested! 🙂

Happy shopping… and Go Bucks!


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