Scioto Greenways | girl about columbus

What’s Up with the Scioto River?

Scioto Greenways | girl about columbus

Scioto Greenways | girl about columbus

So what the heck is up with the Scioto?

I’ve heard this question a lot lately – so I thought I’d provide y’all with a lil’ education today. Mind you, this is very brief, because the Scioto Greenways project is a biiiig project, with a hefty price tag – approximately $35.5 million, to be exact. 🙂

Basically, the Scioto Greenways project is comprised of three main focuses: removal of the Main Street Dam (completed in 2013), restoration of the Scioto River channel (aka the natural flow of the river – this part of the project is currently happening), and the creation of 33 acres of new green space (this is to come).

The entire project is slated to be completed in the Fall of 2015. Which, if you’re like me, and you’re doing the math…. hmmm, is not that much longer! Pretty cool.

If Columbus wants to be even better, the river needs to be even better. Am I right? We need a healthy + beautiful river with improved opportunity for leisure + recreational activities. I think about all great cities that I love… and they revolve around some body of water (Charleston, NYC, San Fran, Chicago, etc.).

This week, I visited the Scioto Mile + was able to see a bit of the progress that they’ve made – things aren’t the prettiest but I’ll tell you they’ve done sooo much already (hopefully you can see by some of the iPhone pics I took, above)! When downtown, you should check it out.

Here’s an outstanding visual of the project, below photo credits to Scioto Greenways:

Scioto Greenways Columbus Ohio

AFTER (planned for Fall 2015):
Scioto Greenways Columbus Ohio

Wanna see more pictures/learn more? You can read about the Scioto Greenways project HERE.


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