Local Links I'm Loving | girl about columbus

Local Links I’m Loving…

Local Links I'm Loving | girl about columbus

1.) Mrs. Ladylike’s The Weekender.
{Love her suggestions of what to wear to Columbus hotspots Pistacia Vera + The Rossi}.

2.) Wander and Whine’s Marmi Grand Opening at Easton.
{Y’all must stop in this new store!}

3.) Piece of Chic’s Oil Pulling.
{All the craze lately…I’ve been trying to make this a part of my AM routine! Hello, better oral health + detoxification!}

4.) Hummusapien’s Recipes I’m Loving from the Oh She Glows Cookbook.
{Definitely worth getting my hands on… so exciting to see bloggers publish their work.}

5.) House of Earnest’s Spring Floral Series: Choosing your Flowers.
{LOVE flowers, especially spring blooms!}

6.) Drink Up Columbus’s Ethyl and Tank.
{My new fave brunch spot in the city.}

7.) Best of the Menu’s Kittie’s Cakes.
{The sweetest, cutest lil’ bakery in German Village.}

8.) Alley’s Recipe Book’s Creamy Springtime Pasta.
{This pasta totally looks like a pasta I used to crave in college at the dining hall}.

9.) My Keep Calm and Carry On’s Meeting Jillian Michaels.
{So amazing you were able to meet her Katie! I can do Jillian’s Yoga DVD by memory!}


  • Lovely list! Thanks for sharing 🙂


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