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10 Things I Learned on the Columbus Brew Adventures Tour


I had the privilege of attending my first Columbus Brew Adventures tour, hosted by Jim Ellison + I learned quite a bit, specifically:

1.) I learned what a growler is. It’s basically a glass jar that holds beer that you can take home (see above picture). My husband + I actually bought a growler of Vertigo, a German Hefeweizen, from Zauber Brewing. We also learned ideally, once you open a growler, you should finish it, as it does not keep it freshness very long.

2.) Angelo Signorino, Jr., of Barley’s Smokehouse and Brewpub, is a respected veteran brewer in Ohio as he is the longest serving brewer at any Ohio brewery! He splits his time brewmastering (is this a word?) between Barley’s Brewing Co. in downtown Columbus and Barley’s Smokehouse, where we visited in Grandview. Both of these brewpubs have their own brewhouse.

3.) What firkin is, compliments of Angelo + Barley’s Smokehouse and Brewpub owner Lenny Kolada. They were so excited about brewing beer, it was contagious! They were throwing out all kinds of terms I had never heard + I loved it!

Barley's Brewing | girl about columbus

4.) A lot goes into brewing your own beer + opening a brewery + taproom. Geoff Towne of Zauber Brewing, at the time, was discussing opening the first taproom (which is now offically open as of January 4!). He was so open + honest about the challenges they had encountered during the process of opening their business + taproom. Dan Cochran of Four String Brewing shared that he is absolutely humbled when he hears someone order his beer at a bar.

Zauber Brewing | girl about columbus

5.) Four String Brewing is absolutely awesome. Rock music permeated their taproom from the music to their guitar string taps. Owner Dan Cochran is a bass player. Talk about passion for music + beer. I can’t wait to return.

Four String Brewing | | girl about columbus

6.) The place to go for a vast selection of Ohio-made craft brews is The Ohio Taproom, including but definitely not limited (they switch the taps regularly) to Jackie O’s, Seventh Son, and Great Lakes. There’s over 100 Ohio breweries and The Ohio Taproom has served brews from 44 thus far.

7.) Not all growler-filling systems are created equal. The Ohio Taproom’s owner, John Evans, showed us the CrafTap, a special CO2 growler-filling system that allows your beer to stay fresh in an unopened growler for up 3 months. With other systems, the beer only stays fresh for approximately one week.

The Ohio Taproom | girl about columbus

8.) Columbus Brew Adventures offers both public and private tours + has gift certificates available. This would make a wonderful gift for your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/dad/mom/brother/sister… well basically anyone that loves beer.

9.) They offer brew tours to downtown Columbus, Grandview, Athens, and Granville. Tickets are $55 and you can view the Brew Tour Calendar here. The Pitchers & Pizza tour sounds awesome!

10.) I walked away from the Grandview Columbus Brew Adventures tour inspired. Inspired by and believing in the American Dream: That anything can be achieved with hard work.


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