Healthy Links I’m Loving…


Since the blogosphere has been heavily saturated with posts re: healthy living/eating/exercising this week, I had to share some of my faves today:

1.) Gimme Some Oven’s Brain Power Blueberry + Avocado Smoothie recipe. I LOVE a healthy smoothie. Such an easy way to get your fruits + veggies.

2.) Fit Sugar’s 25 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight. Fit Sugar has a plethora of great, healthy reads + I love this one because I think they’re all so true. I’m going to work on eating more veggies this year.

3.) The Honest Company’s 5 Herbs & Spices For Better Digestion. Hmmm, no wonder they say ginger ale helps an upset stomach. I think we all could use a little advice in this area every now + then. My faves on this list are ginger + cinnamon.

4.) The Roasted Root’s 50 Detox Smoothie and Juice Recipes. I’m so ready to try #2 + #7. Oh + check out #20 on this list: Local blogger Alexis Broderick’s (of Hummusapien) recipe for her Apple Pie Smoothie is featured.

5.) Brown Eyed Baker’s 68 Healthy Recipes for 2014. Plenty of great options for your resolutions! I’m ready to make #23 + #49 today.

6.) Fit Personality’s Alternatives to Junky Foods. A great reference list for healthy substitutes for not-so-healthy foods. I’ve definitely fixed the sub for pizza multiple times and I am interested to try the ranch dressing alternative.

7.) Food 52’s 11 Items to Pick Up at the Market Now. You’ll be ready to eat really healthy after you pick up these uber nutritious foods from the grocery. Sweet potatoes, yes!

8.) Eat, Live, Run’s Top 35 Healthy Recipes for the New Year. Even more options! I love this blog + I’ve already pinned her recipe’s for Quinoa Chocolate Chip Trail Mix Balls + My Favorite Spinach Smoothie!

9.) The Chalkboard’s Pre-Cleanse Food Menu. If you’re starting out your new year with a juice cleanse, I suggest reading this article first. It gives suggestions of foods to eat before starting. I did a juice cleanse last year and I should have been more mindful of the foods + drinks I had the day before.

Click here for my easy + healthy oatmeal and berries recipe.

Here’s to a healthy, happy, and fun 2014!


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