9 Things I Accomplished in October

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As some of you may remember, on the first day of October, I published my Top 10: October to-do list. My list kept me focused: On enjoying the small, delightful, and seasonal parts of life. It’s true that you only have some opportunities once a year and I believe everyone could benefit from a fun to-do list. Work is great and all, but we should reserve some time to enjoy life, right? 🙂 Enjoy life, I did…here are 9 things I accomplished this October:

Renick's Family Market | girl about columbus
1.) Visited a pumpkin patch.

Check! One of my favorite things I did this month… the hubs and I visited Renick’s Family Market in the beginning of October. You can read more about that here.

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2. & 3.) Road tripped to Hocking Hills and Athens.

I haven’t posted re: Athens yet but it’s coming! You can read more about Hocking Hills here. Next time we go to Hocking Hills, I want to zipline and maybe even stay in a cabin. Athens was just so fun and it’s like time stands still there. My husband graduated from OU and some great memories have been had in that town!

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4.) Picked apples.

Well, honestly, no apple picking was done this month buuut I’m checking this one off the list because I have consumed many, many apples. Like a lot. Eating seasonally is important to me because it’s a way to manger bien el juste, which is French for “Eat well and eat right.”

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5.) Made apple butter

Yesssss. It’s a first. I made homemade apple butter. This one may carry over into November too because for this recipe apple butter is just too darn good.

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6.) Made Pumpkin Muffins

Note: Pumpkin puree is just as good as fresh pumpkin and a whole lot less work. This is the recipe I used. Next time, I may leave out the cream cheese. They were delicious enough without it.

The Blowout Bar | girl about columbus
7.) Booked an appointment at Grandview’s The Blowout Bar.

You better believe there will be a future post on The Blowout Bar. I had my appointment there last Saturday AM and I’m dying to go back with girlfriends for maybe a blowout/brunch combo. #abouttobeafrequentflyer

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8.) Enjoyed a few PSL’s: Pumpkin Spice Latte’s per Starbucks (http://starbucks.com).

Nothing tastes like fall more than pumpkin + spice. Now if Starbucks could just lower the cals in this baby…

The Candle Lab | girl about columbus
9.) Burned some yummy fall candles, like Apple Orchard from The Candle Lab .

Apple Orchard from the local The Candle Lab was fresh, clean, and homey. Will be burning this into November fo’ sho’…

p.s. I sadly didn’t make it to the Circleville Pumpkin Show and a bonfire/OSU tailgating are still on my to-do!

What *fun* things did you accomplish this October?

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  • So glad you tried my apple butter recipe! Isn’t it amazing? I am out and think I need to make more! Too funny–my best friend got married at Old Man’s Cave last year in Hocking Hills. The first time I ever visited Ohio!

  • So glad you tried my Apple Butter Recipe… isn’t it amazing! I’m out and need to make more! Small world, my best friend got married at Old Man’s Cave in Hocking HIlls–the first time I had ever visited Ohio! Beautiful state park!

  • […] October To-Do List Round-Up was so fun. It was the first and most comprehensive post I did where I re-capped what fun I had […]


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