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After reading about jC’s Sweet Ice Tea in Columbus Monthy, I rushed to The Hills Market downtown to buy a few bottles. True story. See, I went to graduate school in Charleston, South Carolina and while I absolutely adore Columbus, I do miss that southern cooking. (Enter flashbacks of Hyman’s, Poogan’s, and Husk). There’s nothing like it. So, naturally I was excited to hear that southern native jC, aka Jacquelyn Chapman, had brought a taste of the south to Ohio per spinning her family’s sweet tea recipe with originality. I love that she decided to do this while driving back to Columbus after visiting family in Greenville, South Carolina for the holidays. Great idea jC. The Southern-style sweet tea is all-natural and has the perfect amount of sugar and spice. While I’m still learning to perfect my own sweet tea recipe, jC’s will be a go-to. Be sure to pour over ice. Pretend you’re on vacation.

*Note jC’s Sweet Tea is available at select stores around Central Ohio including The Hills Market, Whole Foods, and The North Market.

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  • Gua!!! I’m so embarrassed to just now be seeing this blog – this is so wonderful … Thank you so very much for spinning JC’s Sweet Tea !! Many people love it! It is now in all the Meijer stores in Columbus except the one in Canal Winchester and Grove City! It is also sold at the Kroger Marketplace in Gahanna, the Stoneridge Kroger and the Lewis Center Kroger. Would you believe, it is on the menu of the Wolf’s Ridge Brewing Co as well – a high end restaurant… Bless You GAC :~}



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