girl about ohio blog

Introducing… Girl About OHIO!

Eeek! I’m absolutely THRILLED to share with you Girl About OHIO! This brand is a dream that I’ve been working on for quite awhile. Recently, I asked all of you why you follow Girl About Columbus.

goal ideas for the new year

19 Goal Ideas for the New Year

Happy 2019!

I took some time off over the holidays to let my mind rest & to focus on family & friends… and also to get my creativity flowing again! I’m excited for the content I’m going to bring you this year!
Like many of you, I also enjoy fresh starts, novelty, and looking ahead to the future.

most-used amazon purchases of 2018

10 Most-Used Amazon Purchases of 2018

Amazon Prime is obviously a mom’s BFF & this year it saved my life on many occasions! Everything I bought from Amazon this year proved to be either helpful, fun, or useful BUT this is THE list of the things I bought that we used either everyday or at least every week.


GAC’s Most Popular Blog Posts of 2018

I CANNOT BELIEVE 2018 is coming to a close. I’m not sure where it went, to be completely honest! I know sleep deprivation and a 2 year old + a baby can make your mind do crazy things…. but truly – fastest year of my life! Wow.