EASY smoothie bowl recipe

Easy Smoothie Bowl Recipe

You all had so many questions about this smoothie bowl after I shared this photo to Instastories the other day! My husband and I have this EVERY DAY! It’s THAT GOOD! We’ve adapted our recipe from Alexis and while we change it up every now and then, this is the exact recipe I used this day and the one we use the most often! It truly tastes like chocolate ice cream!

The New Children’s Garden at Franklin Park Conservatory

We had the absolute BEST time exploring the new Children’s Garden at Franklin Park Conservatory last week!
The massive, 2-acre garden is amazing and unlike anything in Columbus because it’s a huge play place for kids to explore nature!
While we were there, I was chatting with a woman that brought her nephews to check out the Children’s Garden.

May: Life Lately

MAY: Again, I’m a broken record, but TIME IS FLYING! How is it June already?! Little Ellie “woke up” this month and definitely showed her fussier side but hey, she’s still so cute, so with a lil’ gripe water, I let her roll with it.

Third Trimester Pregnancy Essentials

Third Trimester Pregnancy Essentials

Congrats, mama! You made it to the last trimester! The trimester where things get very, very real! Such an exciting time but also a time where it’s essential to take care of yourself, in ultimate preparation for labor and those blissful, but sleepless, nights with a newborn! Here are my recommendations for what you need during your third trimester:
BELLY BALM: Your belly really will start to